In the world of security, access control plays a crucial role in protecting facilities and ensuring the safety of people and assets. As technology continues to advance, traditional lock and key systems are being replaced by innovative solutions that offer enhanced security, convenience, and flexibility. One such solution is Kisi, a leading access control provider that is revolutionizing the industry. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Kisi, and how it is changing the way we secure our spaces.


The Birth of Kisi: From Prototype to Prominence

In 2012, three visionaries, Bernhard, Max, and Carl, embarked on a journey to transform access control. Starting with a prototype built in their kitchen, they laid the foundation for what would become Kisi – the highest-rated access control solution on the market. With a focus on innovation and user experience, Kisi quickly gained recognition for its cutting-edge technology and seamless integration capabilities.

Today, Kisi is trusted by businesses and organizations worldwide to provide secure and convenient access control solutions. From small startups to multinational corporations, Kisi has proven its ability to scale and adapt to the diverse needs of its customers.

The Power of Cloud-Based Access Control

One of the key features that sets Kisi apart is its cloud-based access control system. By leveraging the power of the cloud, Kisi offers global management capabilities, allowing administrators to control and monitor access to their spaces from anywhere in the world. This level of flexibility and convenience is particularly valuable for businesses with multiple locations or remote teams.

With Kisi’s intuitive dashboard, administrators can easily grant and revoke access permissions to individual users or groups. They can also set lock schedules, initiate remote lockdowns, and monitor real-time access events. This comprehensive control over access management ensures that only authorized individuals can enter designated areas, enhancing security and reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Seamless Integration and Migration

One of the advantages of choosing Kisi as your access control solution is its seamless integration capabilities. Whether you prefer to unlock doors with a smartphone, keycard, or biometric authentication, Kisi offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Additionally, Kisi interfaces with a wide range of access standards, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure and credentials.

When migrating to Kisi, you can choose to use Kisi readers or bring your own, making the transition smooth and cost-effective. With backward compatibility, you can keep your existing wiring, readers, and credentials while enjoying the benefits of cloud-based access control. This approach not only simplifies the migration process but also helps to minimize disruption to your operations.

Enhancing Security with Advanced Features

In addition to its core access control capabilities, Kisi offers a range of advanced features designed to enhance security and streamline operations. These features include:

1. Intrusion Detection

Stay notified of any policy violations with alerts sent directly to you. This feature ensures that any unauthorized attempts to gain access or breach security protocols are detected and addressed promptly.

2. Place-wide Lockdown

In situations where additional protection is needed, Kisi enables you to initiate a place-wide lockdown. This feature restricts entry or exit from all Kisi-enabled doors within a designated area, allowing you to quickly respond to emergency situations or security threats.

3. Recall All Event History

With Kisi, you have access to a comprehensive log of all access events, including associated media footage. This feature allows you to review and validate door entries, providing a valuable tool for security audits and investigations.

4. Capacity Management

Kisi’s data insights help you monitor the capacity of your spaces, ensuring compliance with occupancy regulations and optimizing space utilization. By setting up alert policies, you can proactively manage capacity and prevent overcrowding.

5. Audit and Reporting

Access logs and historical data provide valuable insights into the security of your spaces. With Kisi’s audit and reporting features, you can easily track access events, user activity, and other metrics that are vital to your security protocols.

6. Access Scheduling and User Management

Kisi allows you to create access schedules, granting or revoking access to specific doors during defined time periods. Additionally, you can easily manage users, add or remove permissions, and enable/disable access as needed. Integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) providers and SCIM-based user provisioning further streamlines user management processes.

A Look into the Future of Access Control

As technology continues to evolve, access control solutions like Kisi will play an increasingly important role in securing facilities and ensuring the safety of occupants. With its commitment to innovation, seamless integration, and user experience, Kisi is at the forefront of this digital transformation.

By embracing the power of cloud-based access control, businesses can enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and create a seamless and convenient access experience for both administrators and end-users. As Kisi continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, the future of access control looks brighter than ever.

To learn more about Kisi and its range of access control solutions, contact us today. Protect your spaces with the industry-leading access control provider and experience the future of security today.